THNIC Collaborates with Digital Council of Thailand to introduce Thai Language Domain Names

on April 5, 2023        by Naritcha

On April 3, 2023, the Thai Network Information Center Foundation (THNIC) and the Digital Council of Thailand have jointly signed an agreement to promote the use of Thai language domain names .ไทย and .th to operate the Thai language website ,”Digital”. 

The Thai-language domain name ,”.ไทย”, is one of the cutting-edge localized domain names developed globally. It provides an additional channel for Thai people to access digital technology more comprehensively by reducing language barriers. When paired with the domain name “.th,” websites can be accessed by users from all groups within the country as well as internationally, following global standards.

Dr. Pensri Arunwatanamongkol, executive director of the THNIC Foundation, stated, “In the current situation of increasing scams, malicious individuals deceive users by directing them to fake websites or applications that lack identity verification of the rightful owners. Using the .th and .ไทย domain names, along with public awareness and education, can help mitigate this issue. During the domain registration process, THNIC conducts data verification of the domain holders, which provides confidence in identifying the rightful owners. This helps reduce the registration of deceptive domain names for fraudulent websites. In case of misuse or fraudulent activities, it is possible to contact the domain holder or administrators to suspend the usage.”

The collaboration between the Thai Network Information Center Foundation (THNIC) and the Digital Council of Thailand aims to promote the registration and use of Thai-language domain names .ไทย and .th while reducing digital gaps. Additionally, the partnership aims to enhance access to secure websites. This collaboration represents a significant opportunity to expand the scope of cooperation in supporting Thailand’s digital industry to grow and compete sustainably in the future.

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